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              全國服務熱線: 0510-83316680
              無錫海飛特科邁公司作為計量配料混合設計制造的專業生產商,全心致力于生產和開發符合市場需求的高品質物料輸送設備,為用戶提供最佳的喂料解決方案。 我公司具有自己獨特的內部程序及工藝要求,模塊化的設計、強大的系統集成功能,使產品在計量各種粉體、顆粒、玻纖、液體等物料時,實現精確穩定的連續或批次配料控制,給客戶產品帶來品質的提升。
              / Introduction
              應用領域Application field

                     The pipe chain conveyor is a continuous conveying device for conveying bulk materials such as powder, small particles and small blocks, which can be transported horizontally, obliquely and vertically. Widely used in fine chemicals, plastics, pesticides, ores, building materials, food industry, etc.


              ●容積式輸送裝置 , 可實現物料的輸送和計量 。易于實現集中控制,提高自動化程度,滿足現代企業對環境保護的要求

              ●結構緊湊 , 占用空間小, 可以三維改變輸送方向 。
              ●被輸送的物料從進口到出口法蘭之間是處于密閉狀態的。出口不必設置除塵器。 在輸送物料時可充裝氣體。運輸中能保證沒有粉塵泄漏到環境中。
              ●物料沿著管子平滑輸送,基本上沒有內部運動, 所以物料破損少,緩慢的彎道輸送使很少的物料顆粒產生碎屑。
              ●特殊的輸送盤 ,具有極低的磨擦系數和穩定的輸送能力。
              ● Volumetric conveying device for material conveying and metering. Easy to achieve centralized control, improve automation, meet the requirements of modern enterprises for environmental protection
              ● Compact structure, small footprint, can change the conveying direction in three dimensions.
              ● The material being conveyed is in a closed state from the inlet to the outlet flange. It is not necessary to install a dust collector at the exit. The gas can be filled while conveying the material. No dust can be leaked into the environment during transportation.
              ● The material is smoothly conveyed along the pipe, and there is basically no internal movement, so the material is less damaged, and the slow curve conveys so that few material particles generate debris.
              ●Depending on the feeding situation, the inlets can be more than 10 meters apart.
              ●The sprocket has an optimized shoulder, optimized for design, and uses a hardened chain for minimal wear.
              ●Special conveying tray with extremely low friction coefficient and stable conveying capacity.